PILMES Community, Receives Medical and Legal Assistance from KFI

San Jose, Batangas – The Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. conducting  legal and medical mission at Padre Imo Luna Memorial Elementary School, starting at 8:00 am  and ending at 4:00 pm this Jan.16, 1213, is assisting 1202 beneficiaries who are mainly students, parents and teachers from the said academe.   .

Principal Amelia Ilagan, the requestor said, “the main cause of the students’ absences is their health and I consider this, true that I know,  this medical mission would be a big help to prevent this, not only for the students but also to the parents and my co- teachers.”

“…so I’m very thankful to KFI, also to Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon for extending their help to our community and of course to the students of PILMES. And I wish that they continue this kind ad vocation of them”, she added.

The medical and legal mission rendered different services broken down into; medical adult consultation received  by 157 patients, 184 in pedia, 52 in dental, 184 in optical, and 4 in legal consultation

Meanwhile, there are 22 patients receiving free x-rays, as well as urinalysis, 4 in physical therapy, 11 in rbs, 15 in cbc, 10 in ecg, and 531 given free medicines.

However, behind every medical mission undertaken by KFI, Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel, with all the working group of  “Ang Dating Daan”  supports, making this charitable work possible.