ADDFII Representatives attends DSWD Social Investment Forum

MAKATI CITY – ADDFII responding to the invitation given by DSWD lend Its presence during the Social Investment Forum  held  in  Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City on February 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm.

DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development), graced by the first set of its graduating beneficiaries, held the forum to encourage the business and private sectors to invest in their projects for the “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program”.

Around 300,000 beneficiaries will be set out of the program for direct action before this year ends. This move is part of DSWD’s endeavors to ensure improved quality of life for poor Filipino families.  Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program along with  SLP (Sustainable Livelihood Program) and KALAHI-CIDDS comprises the DSWD TATSULO and are crucial parts of its Convergence Framework.

Ms. Ma. Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner up and a known showbiz personality, hosting the event, facilitated interaction with more than fifty organizations from the business and private sectors including non-governmental organizations attending  and supporting  the event.

During the occasion, a DTI (Department of Trade Industry) representative initiated giving a brief overview of  their plans for 2013 focusing on the programs that will 1] mostly be benefitting  the poor individuals and 2] investing in local communities.

Mr. Wadel S. Cabrera III, doing the presentation of the ‘status of implementation’ on ‘Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program’  is  queued by Dir. Georgina Ann H. Hernandez expounding on  the  ‘status of implementation  on the SLP’.

Hon. Sec. Corazon “Dinky” Juliano-Soliman  took  her turn delivering a message on             ‘ Sustaining the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program’  through Public-Private partnership.  She briefly has given  three points on how important convergence  is on her dissertation.  “First;  the people has to identify their own problems,  then, they have to access assistance from converging DSWD and partners (DTI, DA, DENR, DOLE etc.) and the private sectors.  Second; SLP will only be flourishing  if converged with private sectors  having  the resources and skills, not mere outright jobs.  Jobs should be productive and decent.  Third; convergence and partnerships making  inclusive growth,  building the capacity of the target beneficiaries in long-term,” she said.

As a response, Mr. Rafael C. Lopa of  Philippine Business for Social Progress,  citing the speech of Ms. Sabrina Ongkiko  delivered during a celebration in her alma mater,  Ateneo de Manila University,  focused on the intangible Return On Investment to furthering encouragement for  the attendees to invest.

ADDFII staff namely, Mr. Elder Arizabal, Ms. Melanie Mananquil, Ms. Feebee Cao, Ms. Annabelle Bercasio, Ms. Jona Campana, Ms. Marissa Donida and Ms. Florence Orido,  attending the forum,  belonged to the Social Services Program  of  ADDFII.

“Shifting” Now A Permanence: Community Organizing and ADD Community Based Programs And Services

Shifting is being practiced in certain occupations requiring 24 hour services as in hospitals, certain fast food chains, pharmacies and the like. On the other hand, now-a-days, shifting,  particularly in sleeping, has already been very rampant in populous prisons like Cainta Jail and Quezon City Jail. Regrettably highlighting Zone 2297, Bgy. 13, in Pasay City, an area occupied by informal settlers, shifting in sleeping is also practiced by the residents where 2 to 3 families are occupying a residential lot measuring 2–3 sq. meters. Individuals who are awake and working during the day are sleeping at night whereas the night birds are grabbing opportunities to sleep in the day.

The residents of the said area are not only lacking but at times are deprived of sleep yet are in many ways in want or in need  of  sanitation and health amenities, of resolutions  about peace and order issues and concerns  and in other desired basic necessities making them ideal subject for Community Organizing initiated by Philippine Women’s University Community Outreach Program.

According to Arlene Johnson, “a community is a group of people gathered together in a geographic area, large or small, having common interest, actually or potentially recognized in the social welfare field.” On the other hand, “organization is the systematic arrangement of efforts of a group to cause a systematic unity of action in the pursuit of common purpose.” Wherefore, community organizing as defined by Agrinelda Miclat is ‘a process of problem solving and seeking social change for the greater good; involving the process of social interaction and peoples’ participation in planning and in implementing. Its main end goal is peoples’ empowerment.’

Community organization has been an integral part of the curricula of some of the better known professions nowadays. In fact, it is one of the major subjects in Nursing, Social Works and Nutrition. Other allied courses such as Medical Technology and Pharmacy also have community immersion subjects. Other courses like Community Development evolved from it. This clearly shows that the schools and the government are giving importance to the community with a belief that growth and development starts where the people are. C.O. aims to advocate change and improvement on the lives of the people. It promotes poverty reduction and social welfare using a gradual step by step procedure for it has rungs in phases.

Peoples’ organizations, government organizations, and non-government organizations that have programs and services catering the community play important role in the C.O. process. They are serving as external resources for the community. A self-reliant and self managed community is the primary goal of community organization which means that the community has to learn to make use of its own assets like human and natural resources. However, external resources augments the unavailable ownings in the community. Most of the time, communities belonging to the ground roots level needs supplemental aid from external resources.

ADD Foundation International, Inc. is a non-government organization classified as social welfare agency registered in SEC and at DSWD as having some of the foremostly active community based programs and services. One of which is the ‘medical mission’ categorized into two: Medical Mission 1 are confined to a certain area, just like a health center, specifically found in ADD Compound, South Montilla Blvd., Butuan City that is open every first and last Tuesday of the month and ADD Convention Center Compound, Bgy. Sampaloc, Apalit; Pampanga, being open every day; and Medical Missions 2 to prisons and other places proceeding twice a month.  All the medical services being catered regularly are delivered free of charge including the laboratory exams, diagnostic tests and medicines. Even certain medical procedures such as dental extraction and minor surgeries are served at no cost. Zone 2297 has been a recipient of the medical mission services of ADDFII on October 30, 2012.

Another community-based program of ADDFII is the Blood Donors Society already receiving numerous awards from its partners Red Cross and Philippine Blood Center of DOH. The committee is conducting mass blood lettings in different parts of the peninsula monthly aside from the regular quarterly simultaneous mass blood lettings. Every month, the BDS is attending to not less than 50 patients in need of blood transfusions by sending out live donors or by procuring blood units from Red Cross and PBC.

ADDFII is also known for its Medical Social Service program for indigent citizens. Managed by Registered Social Workers, clients are being provided with free medical assistance coupled with  free technical assistance, free medicines, and free diagnostic and medical procedures. Monthly, at least 25 dialysis, cancer and mentally-ill patients are being seen regularly and their medical needs met. Walk in and referred clients are accommodated.

ADDFII also has special services detailed to specific groups in the community particularly the Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities (VIDP or Very Important Disabled Persons), victims of disasters and jail inmates. The humanitarian services being provided are known as Special Projects.  

Thousands Receives Medical Services In Just One Day

The Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. (KFI) through one of the veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Razon, spearheaded a public service the needs of the less fortunate and impoverished in our country.

The KFI conducted a simultaneous medical mission on eight remote areas nationwide February 2012. The  numbers of patients served are as follows:

  1. Quezon City Hall, Quezon City     – 1,772
  2. Marikina City                                     – 1,916
  3. San Andres, Marikina                     – 1,556
  4. Sta. Rosa, Laguna                           – 1,814
  5. Paniqui, Tarlac                                 – 955
  6. Bacon, Sorsogon                             – 4,362
  7. Tabuc, Iloilo City                              – 638
  8. San Nicholas, Batangas                – 1,550

The overall total of patients who consulted are 14, 563.

Poverty is vividly seen in our country especially when it comes to medical concerns. Many people dies from diseases due to lack of knowledge about how to treat simple medical issues. Those living in far flung areas cannot afford to go to the hospitals because of expensive medicines and means is limited to meet doctors’ fees. Poverty and difficulties in life being the reason, some saysAng ipambibili namin ng gamot ay ibibili na lamang namin ng pagkain”. This is one of the many grievances of our fellow man.

The said public service (medical mission) is a great boost to our fellow human beings especifically those families who survives daily in a hand to mouth existence. This endeavor of Kuya Daniel Razon will last not only for a day but extend while he is being given life and strength. He will continuously help people in need with GODs’ mercy.


South District Senior Citizen Event

Motivated by the virtue of charity, a series of events dedicated to serving senior citizens are being organized by brethren in Members Church of God International (MCGI). The recently concluded  activity reaching  out to brethren in Metro Manila is held 13th of November 2012, at the locale of Quiapo, Manila, as the second of four activities that gives special attention to naturally-ripe-in-years brethren in the church.  The first was conducted in the South District of Metro Manila, at Muntinlupa City.

As part of the whole day affair, a mini medical mission of general medicine consultations, dental extraction procedures, evaluation and provision of reading glasses, physical therapy sessions and diagnostic procedures;  x-ray, electrocardiograms (ECG) and random blood sugar testings (RBS) are provided to address medical concerns of the seniors. A total of 257 cases are serviced on that day.

In addition, health awareness of the 144 attendees is the goal of Dr. Napoleon Borje during the orientation from medical practitioners. He went about discussing the importance of exercises and nutritious diet for people of old age. Also supporting the discussion about improving geriatric health status is an elaboration on how to access healthcare benefits for senior citizens from Social Security System by Dr. Rosalinda Cabanilla. She explained the advantages of procuring senior citizen identification card from the government, among  which is a special discount privilege on specified medications.

Another important segment in the event are the inspirational messages from Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, GOD-sent preachers of the church, as well as one from Bro. Don Capulong.

Not only do they teach the true gospel of GOD but also share their blessings with others. They sponsored gifts to delight the senior citizens who attended the event despite the encumbrances brought about by aging.

On another note, and certainly to the merriment of the attendees, the dance numbers and comedy act were enjoyed by everyone present.

The gathering started 8 A.M. lasting until 4 P.M. and is made possible by  the 92 volunteers from  different committees in the church namely, Workers’ Ministry, Lingap Kapatid Department, Mothers’ Club, Music Ministry Core, Teatro Kristiyano, Guest Coordinators and Medical Professionals.

Feeding Program Beneficiaries Likewise Receiving Medical Care and Assistance

Pateros City—846  patients  went thru  consultations  during  medical mission being conducted by the Kamanggagawa Foundation with the collaboration of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and Pasig City Medical Society (PMS) held at the Pateros Elementary School (PES)   starting  8:00 am  and  lasting until 1:00 pm,  Jan.19, 2013  .

PMS President Dr. Myla Tuazon  said  that  “they would like not only to feed them but also to give medical attention to check their health condition and find out if there are improvements in the students’  wellbeing.

“Thru UNTV, KFI, and   Ang Dating Daan,  presided by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon, we are really grateful to be able to help and to provide the needs of the students here in PES in terms of health care services.” Said Dr.Tuazon.

The medical mission rendered multi-discipline health care  services yielding the following: 72 in adult  medical consultations , 147 patients in pediatrics,  34 pax with  dental concerns, 171 persons for optical issues , 40 individuals  needing  x-rays, 18  out-patients in complete blood counts,  1 in physical therapy consultation, 10  cases in legal and 353  recipients of free medicines.

PES is the adopted school of PMS where  they are conducting 1] a feeding program for 100 selected students from grades 1 to 3; and  2] different livelihood programs for the parents,  including  making new products from  scrap  and  vegetable planting;  to be utilized  in  the feeding program.

2,188 Recipients of Medical and Legal Mission in Cavite

Maragondon, Cavite—The Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. on Jan.13, 2013, has been conducting legal and medical mission at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Gym.

Concerned citizen, Mr. Raegan Gulapa said that ‘they really need this kind of outreach program that will help to improve the health of many indigent families of Maragondon which can’t afford to consult a private doctor, as well as to buy their medicines’.

“I am very thankful to the Kamangagawa Foundation for this medical and legal mission especially to Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon whose beneficence is felt by all in consistently doing charitable works” narrated  Mr. Gulapa.

The legal and medical mission performed different health care services yielding the following results: 489 in adult medical consultation, 355 in pediatrics, 254 in dental extraction, 402 in optical care, and 23 in legal consultation.

Meanwhile, there are 50 recipients of physical therapy, 45 of x-rays, 18 of random blood sugar tests, 46 of electrocardiogram tests, and 1,106 receiving free medicines.

The public charity outreach program has been started 8:00 am and lasted until 4:00 pm with “Ang Dating Daan”  always supporting  the projects  of the Foundation.

PILMES Community, Receives Medical and Legal Assistance from KFI

San Jose, Batangas – The Kamangagawa Foundation Inc. conducting  legal and medical mission at Padre Imo Luna Memorial Elementary School, starting at 8:00 am  and ending at 4:00 pm this Jan.16, 1213, is assisting 1202 beneficiaries who are mainly students, parents and teachers from the said academe.   .

Principal Amelia Ilagan, the requestor said, “the main cause of the students’ absences is their health and I consider this, true that I know,  this medical mission would be a big help to prevent this, not only for the students but also to the parents and my co- teachers.”

“…so I’m very thankful to KFI, also to Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon for extending their help to our community and of course to the students of PILMES. And I wish that they continue this kind ad vocation of them”, she added.

The medical and legal mission rendered different services broken down into; medical adult consultation received  by 157 patients, 184 in pedia, 52 in dental, 184 in optical, and 4 in legal consultation

Meanwhile, there are 22 patients receiving free x-rays, as well as urinalysis, 4 in physical therapy, 11 in rbs, 15 in cbc, 10 in ecg, and 531 given free medicines.

However, behind every medical mission undertaken by KFI, Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel, with all the working group of  “Ang Dating Daan”  supports, making this charitable work possible.

Dinner Concert For A Cause With True Faith

Mandaluyong City– True Faith, one of the respected OPM bands in the country, shared their talents in the  “Dinner Concert For A Cause”  show  for the benefit of the Kamanggagawa Foundation held at the Pinoy Grill 13 Restaurant on November 12, 2012.

The said foundation  is  among  the  major sponsors  of  UNTV,  supervised  by CEO “Mr. Public Service”  Kuya Daniel Razon  who is continuously serving  a great number of people and  is still counting, by conducting different charities  particularly in their medical missions,  as they are promoting  good  works.

True Faith thrilled as they  perform  at  PG 13  for this meaningful event.  Medwyn Marfil, the vocalist quoted, “It’s nice, I hear they’re doing great business so congratulations to PG 13 and thanks very much to them for inviting us over again, for considering us for this special event. “

“Maski anung venue kung malaki man o maliit, basta malaman namin na it’s for a good cause, we will always say yes naman.  Almost always say yes.  If it’s for something good; if it’s all for something really nice for other people in need, then we are in it“.  He added as they feel gratified to support the Kamanggagawa Foundation.

Granting yet another charitable event by ADDFII

Maypajo, Caloocan City—The “Ang Dating Daan Foundation International Incorporated” shines its luminiscence brighter by conducting a medical mission held at Maypajo Elementary School December 16, aiding 760 residents of the said barangay.

Barangay Chairman Rogelio Madali quoted, as he felt fortunate that ADDFII is granting his request for his constituents. “Kaya ako humingi ng tulong kay Bro. Eli Soriano at sa Ang Dating Daan dahil nalaman kong nagbibigay sila ng tulong na free medical services dahil po sa kadahilanang ang mga ka-barangay ko dito ay puro mga indigent family, mga walang kakayahang magpa-check up sa mga private doctors at kulang din sila sa pambili ng mga gamot. Kaya nagpapasalamat ako kay Bro. Eli Soriano na natugunan nila yung request ko para mabigyang katuparan itong medical mission sa amin sa Barangay 305.”

“Nagpapasalamat ako ng malaki at natugunan itong request ko at nabigyang tulong ang aking mga ka-barangay. Dahil dito hindi ko makakalimutan ang tulong na ito.” he thankfully added.

The following are the rundown of the beneficiaries who were given distinct medical services: 193 in adult medical consultation, 233 in pediatric consultation, 72 in dental service, 199 in optical consultation with free eye glasses handed out, 9 in physical therapy consultation, 46 in free x-rays, 23 in urinalysis, 27 in CBC, and 613 receiving free medicines.

Caloocan is among one of the many recipients of different free services rendered by the said foundation headed by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon with all the working groups of ADD whose beneficence is felt by all as they are promoting to always being charitable to others.

The said medical mission started at 8:00 am coinciding with the simultaneous Mass Blood Donations, being one among the many charity works supported by the foundation and ending at 4:00 pm.

New public service “Free Meal Ni Kuya” launches in celebration of Kuya Daniels’ 29th birthday in Bgy. 375 District III Manila

Mr. Public Service ‘Kuya Daniel Razon’ on his 29th birthday, launches a new public service project called “Free Meal ni Kuya” aiming to alleviate the sufferings and assuage the wants of our fellowmen by providing them a free breakfast.

The pilot area was in Bgy. 375 Zone 38 District III Manila through the recommendation of Bgy. Chairman Rudy Medina and in cooperation with  Bgy. Captain  of  Bgy. 375,  Mr. Rolando Bohol and his council.

Formal launching of the “Free Meal ni Kuya Rolling Food Cart (Kiosk)”  was conducted under the auspices of ADD Foundation International, Inc. (ADDFII) represented by Operations Manager Mr. Elder Arizabal and oversight of Bgy. Captain Rolando Bohol November 28, 2012 at around 8:52 in the morning,.

Immediately following is the distribution of free breakfast food pack to recipients doled out by the council of Brgy. 375.  A total of 500 recipients, composed of children  and adults,  are provided with free breakfast during the initiation of the drive.

Free Meal ni Kuya” project was spearheaded by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon through their advocacy of doing good to all people.  An initial project under the ADD Foundation International, Inc. in cooperation with  and in  support of  MCGI (Members of Church International),  Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon and UNTV Channel 37.

The rolling food cart or kiosk postings will be in different areas of Metro Manila particularly in depressed and densely populated areas. Every rolling food cart or kiosk displays  a sanitary permit from the municipality where-in the service is being provided. This ensures that food being served are monitored by the foundation and the authorities.

Food handlers carries a health certificate also issued by the said municipality where-in free breakfast are being served. Provision of food is on the “first come, first served basis” via registration and issuance of meal stubs.